Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Week

Roanoke County is moving slowly on the "Green" movement. Even with our neighboring cities working hard, we are still behind the times. We're like a trashy oasis in the middle of a recycling desert. That wasn't a very good example. We're like the little engine that could, but going the wrong way. "I won't recycle! I won't recycle! I won't recycle!" That might not be any better but you know what I mean. Recycling is not on top of Roanoke County's to-do list. I can't say they don't care, but I can say they don't care enough.

February 1st marks my first week running Star City Recycling, a curbside service that sorts and transports your recyclables for you. I quickly gained 5 customers who were eager for my service, but the thing was, 4 of them already recycled. They were a part of the 30% of Roanoke County that does recycle. They wanted my service because it was a hassle to sort and transport their materials. When you do recycle, you produce enough material to be put in a 32 gallon bin. Who wants to lug that thing around? You also have to sort it! It's no wonder that our recycling rates are so low.

The hard part is getting the customers that don't recycle. Many times when I explain to someone what I'm trying to do, that I'm trying to get people to recycle, I see fear in their eyes. They glance up, down, and all around looking for a way to escape. I think this is because we all know recycling is important, but we don't know how easy it can be, which often frightens us and leads us to hoping someone else will do it. I can hear Roanoke County yelling right now, "Hey Salem, Vinton, and Roanoke City! You're doing an awesome job! We're cheering you on right here from the sidelines!"

It's time to get the word out, "It's Easy!" If it's paper, plastic, metal cans, or glass it's recyclable! Yes there are some exceptions, but I promise it's very easy.

Ed Arsura
Star City Recycling

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