Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm Buff!

1500 lbs recycled! This means I have lifted 1500 lbs with my bare hands! All at once! I'm buff, thanks to you!

I wish you could see the sorting process. When I started off with five customers, it took me 30 minutes to sort their material, now it takes me the same amount of time with 20 customers. It's become an art! You know how people get "in the zone". Oh my, I get in the zone. It's like a sport! I'm the Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and some other great athlete, of recycling! Send me to the olympics! When I sort, I don't even realize what I'm doing. It's like a blur of paper, plastic, metal cans, and glass. And my arms are like windmills grabbing and throwing, grabbing and throwing. And voila, hundreds of pounds sorted.

So thank you for recycling, and making me buff. Keep it coming!

Ed Arsura

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pinky Problem

On my pickups, I've noticed that the majority of the plastics recycled are grocery bags. It's an absurd amount. Even if something is recyclable, it's always better to reduce the amount of waste you produce. If you don't need it, find a way without it. If you go to the store to buy some gum, don't let them put it in a plastic bag, that is an unnecessary waste. You obviously can't do this when you are buying a ton of groceries, but don't worry, I have a plan. Reusable grocery bags!

They are extremely beneficial. One, you save a ton of plastic bags. Two, no more "pinky problem". You know what this problem is. It occurs when you get back from the grocery store. You pile all the bags in the palm of your hands until you can't take anymore. But wait, you see that there are three bags left. You look from where you are standing to your house door, and back again. You suddenly realize you are going to have to make two trips. Oh no. What to do? This isn't possible. You take a second to comprehend what is going on. You then get mad. "I can do it! No way am I making two trips! You don't own me plastic bags!" So you slowly extend your pinky finger and scoop up the rest of the bags. It's painful. Many of you will fail once you reach the door. If you do make it to the kitchen, it's not such a sweet victory, two trips would have been easier, and you wouldn't have gotten spaghetti pinkies. That is the "pinky problem". Just get yourself a couple of grocery bags. They are enormous, easy to carry, reusable, and they reduce on plastic bag waste. Win, win, win, win.

-Star City Recycling