Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Moving on up!

Hey guys, so I have been taking all of our material to RDS up at Hollins and tossing it into their bins. I do this because they accept glass while the county bins do not. So basically I pull my trailer up to the tiny bins outside the RDS factory and slowly dump all of our material. Meanwhile, huge recycling trucks from who knows where are driving right into the factory and ten minutes later are leaving.  And there I am moving back and forth from bin to truck, bin to truck, for a good 30 min. What is in this factory? How did they get in and out so quickly?  Well, now I know, because we got let in! We filled those bins up so quickly they didn't want to have to dump them as often, so they said, "Hey you, Star City Recycling! Stop filling up our bins! Come on inside and enjoy the fun!" It's recycling heaven in there. Mountains of paper and hills of plastic, metal cans, and glass and everyone is smiling and frolicking through the fields of recycled goodness. Why? Because what's better than recycling?

Keep up the good work!

Ed Arsura

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