Friday, April 19, 2013


Take the day off of work! Pop the champagne! Then throw it in your recycling bin! Star City Recycling has placed first in "Best New Thing" and second in "Best Thing Not on the List". Check it out...Best of SW Roanoke County

I want to thank the academy and the audience and all my fans and God. But really, I want to thank all of you guys! You helped out so much. We really are turning Roanoke County green one blue bin at a time (some of you have black bins, I'm sorry)! Two recycling businesses, Star City Recycling and GPS Curbside Recycling placed in "Best Thing Not on the List". This is huge! It just shows that recycling is becoming a bigger part of the community. This may be the push we need to spread recycling further across Roanoke County. Thanks again everyone! Recycle that champagne bottle!

-Star City Recycling

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